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About Us

JAU Têxteis has been in the market for 30 years and is dedicated to the sale of accessories for the clothing industry, for men, women and children. The dynamism combined with the service presented, made this company a reference in the clothing industry at national and international level.

It has a wide range of customers and suppliers who have followed the evolution of the company and with whom it is possible to combine quality with quick responses, appropriate prices and innovation in the textile sector.

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Guarantee the quality and reliability of products and services.
Exceed customer expectations.
Establish partnerships.
Ensure transparency in commercial relations.
Present competitive prices.
Have the ability to respond to orders.

World JAU Têxteis

JAU Têxteis markets its products in Portugal and also for the international market, namely Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, USA, Morocco and Tunisia.


Discover all our products and visit our facilities in Porto, Portugal.

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